Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just taking a little break...and making some changes

I have given up Facebook, twitter and blog reading for Lent
and by the way.... I've never given anything up for Lent before. 
But lately I have been noticing an increased fascination with others' lives.

It used to be that I fed this fascination with facebook...which is why I took a nearly 2 year break from it.
The last 6 months or so I've been reading a lot of blogs....and obviously there isn't anything wrong with
reading blogs....I'm writing my own blog and hope that others will be reading it
and be encouraged, challenged, maybe amused by my writings.
But for me, the amount of time I was spending reading these other blogs was absolutely astounding - in a sorta bad way.
It was often times keeping me from playing with the girls, cleaning the house, preparing healthy meals and all this reading was taking up a lot of space in my head. 
Space that should have been being filled with eternal things.

So I knew I needed to do something...reset my habits.
Lent was just around the corner when I was talking with my friend one day.
She was telling me about the things she was going to be giving up for Lent.
It gave me the idea to give up the things that were robbing me of time and mind space.
I wanted the season of Lent to be about meditating on Christ's sacrifice for me and I knew that I needed to make room for Him.  I have been consuming a lot of "white bread". 
 Empty, non-nutrious stuff... filler for my mind
with no eternal value.

Last fall I had given up fictional reading for this same reason.  I felt convicted about the amount of fictional reading I was doing...again I don't think it's wrong or sinful to read fiction...but I was often choosing
to read it rather than my bible.

And now I had replaced the fictional reading addiction (which is really what it boils down) with blog reading.

More white bread.

Last night in bible study we talked about the yoke of slavery. 
Jesus doesn't want us to trade one yoke of slavery for another..which is exactly what I had done...
Rather, He has offered me a yoke of liberty for my yoke of slavery!

I desire to read my bible and remember the things I've read...meditate on them throughout the day..or talk of them with my friends. 
I've made room for that now.
I'm excited to see how God is going to work in me...and thru me
during this Lent season.

I'll be journalling....  :)

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Janet Surette said...

Love your fantastic and honest post! I believe you have put your finger on a bit of an epidemic: We can be so busy creating an extensive & attractive chronology of our lives, or reading about others, that we fail to live our own with joy & excellence! I believe many will wake up one morning, years from now and mourn the loss of time spent on a computer that they will never get back and for which they have nothing to show. Good challenge...

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