Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our vacation in numbers

15 - # of hours it should take to drive to Myrtle Beach
19 - # of hours it took us (including 11 thousand bathroom stops)
36 - eggs our family consumed during the week (don't ask me how our family managed to eat so many)
0 - # of meals I prepared in the last week
17 - # of meals Tim prepared in the last week

60 - # of minutes it took after leaving the house before someone asked "Are we there yet?"
11 - # of times we asked eachother "Can you believe the weather we're having?"
30 - degrees Celsius every day
700 - # of pictures taken this week

0 - # of fish Tim caught on the pier
12 - # of shark the old lady caught on the pier

350,000 - # of bikers in Myrtle Beach this week for the Memorial weekend bike rally
3 - # of those people we saw wearing motorcycle helmets
6 - # of times I lost something (i.e. all the money) during the week and thought I was losing my mind
20 - hours spent on the beach

6:20 - time alarm set to wake up for early morning shell hunt

3 - # of stuffed cats Emily purchased with her vacation money
4000 - amount of money Tim could have been fined if he had been caught bringing weed killer over the border
0 - # of bags of weed killer Tim brought over the border
17 - # of times we thanked God no one was sick

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Vanessa said...

Love this and looks like (and sounds like) a fantastic vacation!

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