Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas baking for some. Card making for me.

Do you know one thing that makes me happy?


I absolutley LOVE making cards. And each year I look forward to designing and creating my Christmas cards. I usually start thinking about it in August. And by the end of November I usually have them all finished and ready to be mailed.

Many people do not give Christmas cards anymore but it is my gift to those people in my life that I love. I enjoy every moment of the creation of this little piece of art.

The ribbon. The crisp card stock. The color coordination. The way my card fits perfectly in my envelope - a size specifically purchased just for these Christmas cards.

I also love to handwrite the addresses on each of the envelopes - no labels and printers for this gal.

Did you know that I actually work for a company that makes handmade cards? Mostly wedding invitations; but it's because of this job that I now know how to pound out 60 cards (that's how many I usually send out at Christmas) in one or two evenings. When one is putting together 180 snowflake wedding invitations there is a special order to putting them together.

I many of you will be sending out Christmas cards this year?


Anonymous said...

I have mine designed too... but, my materials consist of my computer and graphic images. =) This year I will be sending my greeting as a .jpg (but, may print some for the extended family). You are sooo talented! Can't wait to see your official greeting!

Vanessa said...

Mmm...I adore stationary and Christmas cards especially. We always do Christmas cards. Partly because it's part of our job (we send them to every supporter - so we're doing over 100 every Christmas!) but partly because I LOVE stationary and picking out a photo card. I don't have the passion to MAKE a card like you do but I certainly appreciate the time and talent it takes to make them! :)

Catzy said...

yes after doing 180 snowflake wedding invitations once can surely pick-up a few tricks of the trade eh?

Charonthefarm said...

I look forward to receiving your works of art in the mail each year. Can't wait to see what you come up with this year! :)

Vanessa said...

I got mine after we got back - beautiful! Thank you! :)

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