Friday, November 12, 2010

My Bubbling Heart

I really like to sing. I like to sing in my car - really loud. I like singing in church. I really love to sing in a choir. I'm not microphone worthy - but I am a good solid member to have in a group of singers. I remember fondly my grade eight year. Our teacher, Mr. Van Meggelan, was a very accomplished pianist. There were 16 girls in my class (and only 2 boys). Most of the girls enjoyed singing so we managed to convince Mr. V to let us sing almost every day. The songs that were my favourites were the ones that I could sing harmonies with by reading the music. Since then I have always chosen to sing harmony with any music.

One of my favourite memories of high school was being part of the choir and attending MusicFest each spring. Over 600 high school students from other Christian high schools would practice for months on their own and then gather together for one day to rehearse for a mass choir concert in the evening. It was such a beautiful sound. I loved it!

So recently I bought Tim a ukelele for his birthday. If you know Tim, then you know that he has an amazing singing voice. One of my friends says that "if Tim was my husband I would make him only sing to me. No talking". But it's not often that I and my kids hear Tim sing at home. But now he has this new instrument - and he's singing all. of. the time. And ask me how happy that makes me? So happy.

And yesterday - you will never believe what he asked me. "Honey, can you sing with me while I play?" Now, I have never told anyone this but I think it's really romantic when a guy and a girl sing together; just the two of them. Not like when it's done in church. Because Tim has sang duets with lots of other girls and it was never a romantic thing. But if the guy and girl are a couple and singing together I think that is romantic. I have always secretly wished that Tim and I would sing together. So cheesy, right? But that's me: Cheesy. So he asks me to sing with him while we're sitting at the kitchen table. And he has no idea how much my heart is bubbling up inside and I'm trying not to smile too much. And you know what we're singing? Christmas songs, and some gospel songs, and some kid songs. Good times.


Vanessa said...

This made ME smile. And I totally agree with you. When a guy and a girl sing together - totally romantic. :)
{And yeah, I remember from the Upper Room days at Rexdale Tim having an amazing singing voice - the guy can harmonize like nobody's business!}

Catzy said...

lol. It made me smile after I read this post. I scroll down to see a picture. not of you and tim but of emily and tim. lol. Then I start seeing the striking resemblance of you in emily. lol. cute

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