Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thru Others

Last night I shared with people how difficult it is for me to "FEEL" for people in other nations.  Sure...sometimes I hear of a story or read an article and my heart trembles a little for people in other countries experiencing tragedy in their lives thru sickness or natural disasters. 

One of the ways that I try to learn more... feel more is to read other people`s blogs.  Blogs written by people that are living in the heart of these places. 
I was brought to tears reading Sit a Spell - written by a woman named Heather.  She is a young mom of four boys!! Three are her biological sons, one is an adopted son.  This family heard the call on their lives last year following the earthquake in Haiti.  They left their very comfortable lives in Texas during the sumer of 2010 and are now living and serving in Haiti. 

If you have trouble relating to countries other than where you live or imagining the lives of missionaries, I suggest you check out the blog  Sit a Spell.  Heather is a delightful and inspiring woman who deeply loves the Lord.

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Vanessa said...

I totally used to be like this. I'm not sure how or why, but God's been breaking my heart over this last year and He definitely used blogs in my journey.
And thank you for linking to this blog - I think I checked it out from your sidebar links and REALLY appreciated reading her amazing writing and hearing their story. Truly inspiring!

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