Thursday, January 27, 2011

Better than Ever!

Nineteen and a half years ago I joined AYF at Rexdale Alliance Church (youth group for Grades 9-OAC).  I was 15 years old and in grade 10.  It didn't take me long to meet Tim Repetski.  He wore Oakley Frogskin sunglasses and he was so cute.  My crush started in October 1991.  Being a 16 year old guy he didn't really notice my advances....I always tried to sit beside him at church and during youth group - so aggresive, right? 

I remember having a conversation with one of my guy friends, Andrew P, and he told me that Tim was definetly interested in me.  Well...finally, I thought, now I just have to turn 16 and I'll be officially (according to Tony and Brigitte Peron) allowed to date.

On January 25, 1992 it was a day with no school.  I had just finished my first semester exams and we had the day off before semester 2 started.  I was hanging out at Vijay Krishnan's house with Tim, Andrew, and Terrence.  Don't ask me where all of the other girls were...I was so pleased that there were no other girls vying for Tim's attention.  I knew that there was a group of people going rollerskating on the Thursday of that week - one day after I turned 16!  So while Tim and I were sitting on the floor of the living room  of the Krishnan's home I asked him if he wanted to go with me...he hesitated and so I said it would be my treat.  So embarassing....but he had never had a girl pay for him before and so he thought that was pretty cool. 

Two days later I was 16 years +1 day old and now officially allowed to date.  I think Tim and I drove with a few other people to the roller rink.  We skated and talked and he bought me a drink and somewhere near the end of the evening we held hands as we made our way around the rink. BTW, we didn't have our first kiss until a few months later.

April 1992 - our very first picture together

May 1992 - at the Bijl Wedding. 
For all of you who want this dress - it was made from a Laura Ashley pattern
by my Oma for my grade 8 graduation. 

 Tim and I attended separate high schools and I believe that is why we were able to have such a healthy dating relationship.  We only saw each other at youth group on Wednesday nights, one date on Friday or Saturday night, and at church on Sundays.  We always kept our own circle of friends other than the church friends that we shared. 

We took driver's ed together and both failed our first road test within half an hour of each other.

When I shared with him that I had decided to be baptized at 18 years old he said that he had also decided to take that step of obedience.  We were baptized on the same Sunday evening.

In August 1997 Tim proposed to me at Killbear Provincial Park by having a Park Ranger pull me over and issue me a ticket.  When I was given the ticket the officer had written in large letters:  "Will you marry me?"  I was totally confused and wondered why this guy was asking me out?!?  I turned to Tim sitting beside me and now ready with the ring.  He then asked me himself "Will you marry me" and I of course burst into tears and then said yes!!

 10 months later...on July 4, 1998 I married my best friend.

Six and half years of dating.
Twelve and half years of marriage.
And each new day I love him more.


Charonthefarm said...

A great love story!! :)

I remember meeting you the first time, Melissa at Youth Conference at CBC... what year was that? I also remember that some of my friends had randomly set their "sights" on Tim and his friends from big-city-TO without knowing he was my cousin -- of all the guys at YC! ;) Then I told them that that girl with the curls was his girlfriend and I was his cousin (obviously why I wasn't joining them in their swooning, lol). :D

And you went on to live 'happily ever after!'

A Little Bit of Me said...

That is so funny. I NEVER knew that story.
And yes, I totally remember you too from 1993. Your dad picked Tim up on Sunday morning and took him back to your place for a visit. He was late getting back and nearly missed our ride to the airport.
Glad you were looking out for the girl with the curls - and now we're family!

Anonymous said...

love it, love it, love it! *sniff*! a bit teary-eyed! congratulations & blessings... such a wonderful love story! xo

Melanie Gagnon said...

Notification of this post showed up in my newsfeed, along with that first picture, and I thought to myself, "now THERE'S a typical 80s TV star couples picture!!" You guys looked great! (and still do!)

Vanessa said...

Aw, I totally got teary-eyed too! :)
So sweet and wonderful to hear someone else who started dating pretty young and ended up marrying them after all! (That's me and Jamie, too.)

Melissa Jurik said...

Ok - so many things to say.
#1: Is Alison your clone?
#2: Does Emily realize that she would look really great with a spiky haircut?
#3: Why aren't those beautiful floral dresses with lace collars still in style?

Seriously though, who knew such a great couple would emerge from a youth group roller skating event? Congrats, guys.

Catherine Quach said...

love. I didn't know he proposed that way! smiled all the way through

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