Thursday, February 3, 2011

In His Shadow

I tend to feel a little down when we have one cloudy day after the other.  Short days, clouds, no playground time, or patio sitting, snow suits and slush, cold cars and runny noses....I start focusing only on that which is negative.  I burrow a little more deeply into my covers rather than waking to join my own 5:42 a.m. club.  And I wallow in my own pot of pity day in and day out.  I am no fun ...believe me. 

And then the sun came out this morning.  I dropped the girls off at their bus stop and as I walked back home the cloudless sky and brightly shining sun filled my heart to bursting.  But it really isn't about the sun shining.  I felt reminded about God's everlasting presence.  Even when the sun is hiding behind the clouds, the sun is still there.  Even when our days are dark with sickness, or any other kind of trouble He is always there. 
He turns my darkness into light (Psalm 18:28). 

Then I walked upstairs into my kitchen and this is what I saw on my blinds. 

A perfectly cast shadow. 
And it  made me think of Him and what He has done for me. 
He sacrificed His Son so that I may live in His light,
 cleansed from my sins, free from bondage, able to have eternal life.
And He has promised me that while here on earth amidst the dark days,
runny noses,
slushy streets
He will keep me in the shadow of His wings. 
(Psalm 17:8)

I am so very grateful for the life He has given me. 
Not because He has provided me with everything I need 
or kept me from experiencing any true tragedy
 but because I know that without Him,
my everlasting Son,
my days would be very very dark.

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