Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hand Made Gift for Teacher

An easy, do-it-yourself gift for my daughter's teacher.

Take a cleaned out, de-labelled can.

Measure and cut printed paper.  Adhere to can.

Adhere double-sided tape to ribbon.

Use the ribbon to hide the seam.

Punch out a few flowers and add some pearls.

Embelish with a tag.
And voila....


Vanessa said...

So cute!

Melanie Gagnon said...

Cute. Can I teach your kids?? ;)

Lisa said...

I love this! And totally something I could use as a teacher. Can never get enough can/holder diddys for the classroom. That teacher's going to LOVE you! I know I would!! Now step 2 to get the teacher to REALLY love you...bring a coffee to parent/teacher conferences. Seals the deal every time!

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