Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The real me

My blogging friend posted a "real me" kind of post yesterday. 
I think it's such a great idea.
Often times we view each other with such distorted lenses. 
 We may think "she" is the perfect wife,
the perfect mom,
the perfect housekeeper,
never makes mistakes,
never yells at her kids,
never has a dirty house,
always washes the floor,
always bakes from scratch,
always exercises.

But we don't live with one another 24/7.
Our husbands
know the real-er us.

Here's the real-est me I can show you:
I'm actually very insecure.
I prefer to buy cookies than bake cookies.
I really do like my curly hair.
I wish that I had completed university.
I don't think I could have completed university.
I'm not so nice to my children sometimes.
During the winter we watch a LOT of t.v.
Recently, I gave UP t.v. and God has richly blessed me for this committment.
My heart still flutters when Tim walks in a room.
I only surface clean...unless certain people are coming for a visit
I can't concentrate on worshiping when Tim sings on the worship team.
I'd love to get married all over again so my "now" friends can see me get married.
I'd also love to be given showers so that I can have new dishes, pots and pans, towels, etc. 
I am counting the days until I can go away with just Tim.
I worry about things a lot. 
I wish I wasn't such a worry wart.
I struggle with jealousy.
I was not that sad when the kids' hamster died after only 6 days.
Sometimes I want another baby....
....then I hold my sisters babies and that's enough for me.  (read:  I LOVE my nephews).
I would prefer to eat dessert than dinner....
Sometimes I only eat cake for breakfast.

It's the real me.


Nicole said...

i love the real you

Nicole said...

oh and I have totally thought of doing the whole recommittment wedding thing too...i want all my "now" friends to be a part of it.

Anonymous said...

You are lovely... my grandmother always told me to be beautiful on the inside and the outside - and you are truly both! Thanks for sharing the real you. You have inspired me so many times this year, and made me want to be a better me.


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