Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cottage Time

Every year on the last day of school
I head to the cottage with my girlies
and my sisters and their children.
We celebrate Canada Day
at The Village at Blue Mountain.

The five oldest cousins worked together
in completing a Scavenger Hunt.
It was smoking hot in The Village.
The kind of hot when you feel irritated
about having to breathe.

We ran into my husband's best friend.
These two have been friends
since they were just young boys.
He was our best man.
I love him too.
It was nice to see his own words
"I nearly crippled myself on the mountain today".
Translation:  this guy likes the extreme sport
of downhill mountain biking.
We're glad he didn't cripple himself
and we could take a picture of him smiling.

For the past 8 years my family
has had a garage sale.
We find the most success in having
these garage sales at our parents' cottage.
This year we had a bake sale
and Alison sold her paintings.
All money raised was to be given to a project
 that our church helps support
(i.e. Kids In Crisis Project).
A total of $84.50 was made!
This will allow a child in
Guinea, West Africa
to attend school for one year.

About 6 months ago Alison started painting on canvas.
After completing her first painting
she decided that she would sell it
at our garage sale in the summer.
Imagine her delight
when she sold
of her paintings.

This little nephew had some trouble selling the toys. 

And this little nephew needed to sit
 beside his big cousin and help.
He kept asking "what can I do to help?"

These two dads were lots of help.
Seriously though...they sat only for a little while to read the paper....

....amidst the mad rush of garage saling people. 

At the end of the day
we put everything left over from the sale
at the end of the road.

We made a sign
so no one would be confused
with what may have looked like garbage...

 ....except, of course, for one priceless thing.

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Vanessa said...

LOVE it.
Love that your kids are excited to do something for a good cause. :)
(Also love the two blog posts in one day!)

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