Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sun, sand, and a bear horn or two.

We have just returned from camping at our
very favourite campground - Killbear Provincial Park.
Located in Near North Ontario on Georgian Bay.

We enjoyed a beautiful week of weather and family fun.

We cliff jumped.

We read.

We journaled.

Some of us searched for....

and caught tadpoles and frogs.

While others slept....

and I looked for new things to photograph. 

Some posed for pictures....

...while others were caught unaware.

Tim went fishing with the girls.

And they were all smiles because the fish were biting that day.

We ate the caught fish.

...and octo-dogs....

...and s'mores...

....and grilled cheese sandwiches...

And I drank a.lot. of coffee.

Tim had the privilege of fishing with his friends.

And a bear decided to visit our site on the first night...
...so our fellow camping friend bought
himself and us some bear horns.

I tried to capture our Christmas picture.

...while Emily captured caterpillars...

...and frogs.
Little ones...

....and big ones...

I think Hannah's smile perfectly depicts
how our week made us feel.
Perfectly rested.
Perfectly happy.

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