Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It really DOES get easier

The girlies have been very busy today.
Busy working on a project.
A project they thought up all on their own.

They stayed in the basement for hours upon hours.
Quietly working.
Working together.
No fighting.
No crying.
No whining.
Only asking me for help to knot their thread.

While they worked on their project
I worked on my projects.
Some work needing to be done from home.
A little bit of this
and a little bit of that.

And at the end of these many hours
they showcased their work.

Barbie Sock Fashions.

This one is on the risque side of short...wouldn't you say?
But look at the ribboned shoulder.

Hannah's grandma taught her how to hand stitch.
She put her skill to use hand stitching these pants
and halter top.

Check out the sweet heart neckline on this one
and the hemline on her skirt!
Emily made it all by herself.
My 5 year old scissor genius.

And we'll start taking orders.......


Charlotte said...

The very best idea I have seen for lonely socks! May they have a happy existence clothing a Barbie instead of getting walked all over in stinky feet or hiding out under beds. Well done, girls! I will be sure to show Madeline & Robyn your fashion designs. <3

Vanessa said...

That's amazing!!! Oh girls.
I guess I get to experience this but with Legos? Or something...? :)

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